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The use of electronic flight bags (EFBs) was initially intended to provide an alternative method of storing, retrieving, and using the manuals and information required to be on board by the applicable operational requirements. Subsequent technical developments have led to the hosting of software applications on EFBs, such as databases or real-time data received from operations (e.g. meteorological data, passenger information lists). Though EFBs were originally developed for flight crew members to perform flight management tasks, they are also useful for cabin operations. An EFB developed for cabin operations is referred to as a cabin electronic flight bag (C-EFB). Functions of a C-EFB include but are not limited to: cabin crew operations manuals; checklists; forms; passenger information; and real-time reporting. ICAO developed the Manual on the Implementation and Use of Cabin Electronic Flight Bags (Doc 10111) based on the EFB provisions contained in Annex 6 — Operation of Aircraft, Part I — International Commercial Air Transport. ICAO EFB provisions address the responsibilities of States and operators regarding EFB hardware and EFB functions for flight crew members. The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines on the implementation and use of C-EFBs by cabin crew members. This includes an evaluation process by the State for the transition to a C-EFB device. The content of this manual was developed with input from experts from civil aviation authorities, operators, aircraft manufacturers, training organizations and international organizations, and thereafter submitted for extensive peer review to take into account comments from the expert community.

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