Bundle: Doc 9303. Part 9. Edition 8. Machine Readable Travel Documents. Part 9. Deployment of Biometric Identification and Electronic Storage of Data in MRTDs
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Part 9 of Doc 9303 defines the specifications, additional to those for the basic MRTD set forth in Parts 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Doc 9303, to be used by States or organizations wishing to issue an electronic Machine Readable Travel Document (eMRTD) capable of being used by any suitably equipped receiving State or organization to read and to authenticate data relating to the eMRTD itself and verification of its holder. This includes mandatory globally interoperable biometric data that can be used as an input to facial recognition systems, and, optionally, to fingerprint or iris recognition systems. The specifications require the globally interoperable biometric data to be stored in the form of high-resolution images on a high-capacity contactless integrated circuit (IC), the IC also being encoded with a duplicate of the MRZ data. The specifications also permit the storage of a range of optional data at the discretion of the issuing State or organization. Since the use of the contactless IC is independent of the size of the document, all specifications apply to all eMRTD sizes in their electronically enabled form. Differences between eMRTD formats relate to the MRZ, with consequences for the storage of the MRZ in the contactless IC. These differences are indicated in the specifications of the Logical Data Structure in Doc 9303-10.

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